Binds us Together

Our values are our competitive edge and guide to success

Honest Feedback

Challenge every labber to do their best work. Challenge yourself. Be open to criticism.

Our best work is sometimes not the best result for our visual portfolio, but the best outcome for our stakeholders.

Radical Transparency

We’re radically transparent in everything we do.

We have an open door policy so you can ask both of the co-founders everything you want, anytime.

“Working at The Lab Studio is a transformative experience where inspiring colleagues challenge me to become the best version of myself, living and breathing a culture that spills over into my personal life, fostering growth, creativity, and genuine human connections.”

Sofia Flores

Smart Work

We work smart and play hard. We’re like a sports team.

We all have a specific role to play, and depend on all labbers to perform at our highest level. We work in unison in order to succeed.

Proactive Communication

At The Lab Studio we don’t take anything for granted.

We’re grateful of ourselves, our work, the projects we’re hired to contribute to and our clients. We offer gratitude back to the world for giving us the chance to do our best work.

“As a creative, it's easy to get caught up in aesthetics and overlook the essence of a successful project, which is building a meaningful human connection within our team. I take pride in the fact that prioritizing people over everything else is not just a slogan for us, but our ultimate goal.”

Marco Stefano
Visual Designer & Illustrator
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